This website has been created as simple as it possible to avoid javascripts. For your safe!

UPDATE 05.06.2018 - Wallets with more than 50 BTC are available only for those, who already bought a wallet from one of available on website. I have a few guys, who's cooperate with me by buying more, and more wallets. Probably I will shut down this website in july/august when all wallets will be sold out, and then I can focus on laundering bigger wallets by myself .

What can I offer?

In here you can buy a Bitcoin wallets with huge amount of BTC inside of them! You pay only a 10% amount of a wallet, so you earn a 10 times more than you pay!

How it's possible?

(Firstly, sorry for my English, it's not my first language, I'am from China)

Those wallets was created by me a long time ago (from 2010 to 2015) and Bitcoins inside of them, comes from hacked cryptocurrency markets, and mostly from cryptocurrency casinos. I have created a huge amount of wallets, where I splited between them a "taken" cryptocurriencies. It's not was only a Bitcoin, if there was a chance, I tooked other crypto too, but I always exchange them to BTC. ALL THOSE WALLET ADRESSES CAN BE CHECKED BY YOU ON BLOCKCHAIN. On Blockchain website, you can paste wallet adress and check amount of wallet, transaction list for this wallet, and date of receiving a coins! All wallets will have only one incoming transaction.

Proofs. Not used yet, one of my personal (not for sale) Bitcoin wallet.

For more proofs like a video with wallets, just mail me:

I used my smartphone to do the photos. They're more legit than making a screenshots.

Photos was created by me with this site as a background, and other with subtittle what I'm holding. This wallet is still in my reserve, so it's not used yet. Read "My Story" section to know more.

example graphic example graphic


Why don't you leave all those wallets for yourself?

Because I can't spend that huge amounts without beeing suspicious!

That was the biggest pain, because I become a very rich man, but I can't do with that money whatever I want. Imagine that a simple guy, what have a simple work, buy an expensive cars or house. All those jealous people will do everything to expose you to Tax Offices... I live on a very good level, but I can't do whatever I want with that money. Later I even created my own company and I still trying to "make this money clean" but I was realized, that I can't wash it all. So I decided to sell some of those wallets here for only a 10% of wallet amount.

If you want to know more, read a "My story" section. For available wallets for sell, check a "Bitcoin Wallets" section.

Remember those 4 things:

  • I'm selling Bitcoin wallets from 8.5 BTC to max 100 BTC inside only!
  • No price negotiations!
  • You can pay only with Bitcoin!
  • This is a site for a real players! No low amounts!