Important Things!

  • If you want to receive a Bitcoin adress to make a payment, mail me!

  • I can do escrow, but only via trusted TOR escrow service that doesn't have javascripts too. I'm not using clearnet escrow services, they don't want to participate in illegal transactions and risk of beeing traced is to high for me .

  • One of users who's mailed me suggest that option: Paying 50% for a wallet.dat file, and if amount inside of wallet is OK, then pay next 50% for pass and priv keys. I can do that if someone wants.

  • Remember that using this website is illegal. If you not accepting that, then leave this page.
  • There is no chargebacks! All sales are prenament.
  • Any negotiations attempts will be ignored.
  • DO NOT send to me any attachments in mail message, I will never open them. After you make a payment, send a transaction ID, wallet adress what you bought from me and write where you want to receive a wallet file (mail, link or other method)
  • After successfull payment and contact you will receive a wallet.dat file, password and private keys. All wallets was created at the same day when transaction was received.
  • I use those wallet.dat files with Bitcoin-qt wallet, but you can try to use those wallet files with any wallet what supports .dat extension as a wallet.